Easy Read Breach Flyers

We have produced an ‘Easy Read’ flyer to help address the needs of young people with poor literacy skills or speech and language difficulties. The straightforward wording supported by clear images will help many young people understand the consequences if they do not comply fully with their order, fail to turn up for sessions or miss panel meetings etc.

The message that they MUST contact the YOT is very clear.

See a version created for Luton YOS here

The 'breach' flyer is A4, double-sided, uses large fonts on pastel backgrounds to help those with reading difficulties. The words used are as clear as possible and are presented in short, easily understandable sections. The important thing is that they can be easily printed out (designed using low-density colour) in small quantities when needed.  The 'reminder' flyer is single-sided.

They are practical resource to help reduce the number of young people beaching the conditions of their orders or missing appointments.

Standard 'unbranded' versions supplied as hi-res PDF -
Designed to include YOT logo/colours/address and supplied as hi-res PDF -

To place an order please contact Andrew Milne on 01274 826661 or andrew@yotsupport.co.uk


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