Easy Read Information Booklets

We have produced a range of ‘Easy Read’ booklets and leaflets to address the needs of young people with poor literacy skills or speech and language difficulties. The straightforward wording supported by clear images will help many young people understand what will happen to them during their order, the help and support available to them, and the consequences if they do not comply.

The booklets, all A5, 12/8-page, use large fonts on pastel backgrounds to help those with reading difficulties. The words used are as clear as possible and are presented in short, easily understandable sections. They are printed on high quality recycled paper.

The orders covered are:

They are practical resource to help ensure young people and parents fully understand what will happen during the order.

Mixed packs, including any quantities of the 7 Easy Read Titles, can be priced as follows:

Up to 50 – 75p per copy

51 - 100 – 65p per copy

101 – 200 – 55p per copy

201 – 500 – 50p per copy

1000 or more – 45p per copy

For more details, a quote or to place an order - please call or email

Contact Andrew Milne on 01274 826661 or andrew@yotsupport.co.uk

* Delivery charges  - £10

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