YOT Good Practice Guides

Working in conjunction with Bradford YOT and Cordis Bright we have produced a 'Good Practice for YOT Staff' desk-top booklet.  It is printed in a range of pastel colours, with a finished size of 148mm x 120mm, and is ideal for any member of staff to assist them in preparation for inspection, or as a reminder about good practice to help deliver consistency.

The 12-section, flip-over, desk-top design is perfect as an aide memoire and an easily accessible reference tool, and covers:
  • Asset - how is it judged?
  • Asset - what is ‘sufficient quality’?
  • Asset - vulnerability
  • Diversity
  • Learning Styles
  • Intervention Plan
  • Asset Review
  • ROSH
  • RMP
  • VMP
  • Scaled Approach

You can order any quantity (no minimum) for £2 plus postage each. They are ready for immediate delivery.

To place an order please contact Andrew Milne as soon as possible on 01274 826661 or andrew@yotsupport.co.uk

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