What Do You Think? Questionnaires - Parents/Carers

Working with Enfield YOS we have developed a 'What Do You Think?' questionnaire designed to be completed by parents and carers, assisted by YOS staff.

Increasingly, good practice requires that case files reflect the work that is being done with the families of young people. This easy-to-use document will assist staff in gaining their views and incorporating them into their assessment in an accurate and effective way.

The questions reflect the ones on the ĎWhat Do You Think?í questionnaire designed for young people. The young personís responses can be transferred on to YOIS - the parentís version provides a permanent record of their attitudes, experiences and relationship with their child, which will inform the support offered to them by the YOS.

Designed to the same specifications as the young personís version of this document, it folds open concertina-style over 10 pages, with a folded flat size of 180mm x 125mm. It is printed using a pallette of pastel colours, and has no YOS-specific markings, sponsorship or advertising. The 170gsm paper has been selected to make it easy to write on. The lay-out is clear and simple to help young people read and understand it.

The seven sections are on separate pages, each with a different colour, with a space to record answers to the supplementary questions. The final summary questions are also on a separate page.

These are currently out of stock.

To place an order please contact Andrew Milne at  andrew@yotsupport.co.uk

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