Website for Youth Offending Services

Working in conjunction with an established web design company we have produced a high-spec website specifically tailored to meet the needs of Youth Offending Services.

It is a
highly cost-effective means of presenting key service messages and information for young people and parents, the general public, partner agencies, elected members and fellow professionals. For example:
  • Makes key documents easily accessible
  • Helps to answer routine enquiries
  • Highlights achievements
  • Promotes forthcoming events
  • Effective tool for gathering feedback

KEY FEATURE - You have access to your own secure and easy-to-use Content Management System so you, or designated staff, can update and amend the site independently.

KEY FEATURE - You can easily add photos, PDFs and other documents plus links to other sites.

Sheffield YOS are already successfully using this system, which can be seen at  The appearance can be customised with your ‘brand’ (logo, partners etc.)

The standard system includes:

  • Robust and road-tested platform
  • Own branding
  • On-site training for staff
  • Telephone support

If you need additional content or unique features built into the website there will be an extra cost depending on your requirement but we are confident that the structure we have developed will meet the needs of most Youth Offending Services at a very realistic price.

Ongoing annual fees can be as little as
£99 which includes hosting and domain name registration. The first year’s fees are included in the initial set-up costs.

To find out more please contact Andrew Milne on:

01274 826661 or 07908 475198

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